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This Is a Door You Want to Open

Title: In An Absent Dream

Author: Seanan McGuire

I've been obsessed with The Wayward Children series ever since Every Heart a Doorway came out in 2016, and honestly, I haven't been this consumed by or excited for a book series since the first release of Harry Potter (and if you folks had any idea with how much I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, this would give you some perspective--let's just suffice it to's A LOT). I love the escapist magic between these pages, how it tells the story of what happens when we find doors, but also gives us an idea of the consequences for what happens when we tumble back through them, and even more than that, I love how it shows that children are seers, how they can go further than we give them credit for, and handle more than we think they can; they are shapeshifters, they are changelings, they can walk and breathe between worlds, growing at changing at whim.

This particular venture into the goblin market was a heartbreaking story of friendship, compassion, and the simple joys of life and flight alongside the brutal consequences breaking rules and promises. If you like stories of doorways and impossible worlds (Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia), this book, this door is for you.

For fair value, I give it five stars.

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